Meet Jolanda

In 2008 I opened a Make-up Studio specialising in make-up courses, workshops, teenage and adult make overs, brides fashion and photo shoots.

The studio also retails professional make-up products.“I have a passion for transforming my clients’ outward appearance; which in return directly influences how they feel inside.This new positive outward reflection is immensely rewarding.”I also love teaching and training potential artists. Imparting and sharing knowledge contributes to the improvement and quality of our industry.

Image and make-up plays an important role in success -whether in the work place or on an individual basis – and I look forward to helping you look your best!

~Love Jolanda~

Meet Tanya

Throughout my life make-up has always been one of my great passions. I strongly believe that everyone is beautiful and that make-up and styling is only there to bring out the best in you.

I love to help make occasions as beautiful as possible and to create gorgeous memories. I have always been an artistic person and make-up has only helped bring out that side in me.

Ever since I have entered this industry I feel as if I have found a second home, where you can meet a lot of interesting people, you can be extremely creative and in the process create something magnificent.

~Love Tanya~

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Jolanda Bedeker gives you every possible opportunity to start a successful career in the beauty and makeup industry. She takes meticulous care in the training of each person in her classroom. You start out as a student but  leave as a skilled artist and friend. Her mentoring and industry knowledge make this the best place to learn and upskill yourself. Since my first training in January this year, Jolanda asked me to join the JB Makeup team . I have had many opportunities to work on amazing projects  like the Mrs South Africa campaign. Jolanda is a woman of many talents and a heart of gold.

-Ciszeldi van Dyk

Makeup artist and JB Makeup team member